Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Knorrit's Flats

Over the weekend we went on another camping trip. this time to Caffreys Flat which is in the the Manning Valley west of Taree. The camping site stayed at is called Knorrit's Flat Riverside Retreat. It is a lovely site situated on a broad grassy terrace beside the Nowendoc River ( in which one can swim) We drove up from Sydney on Friday (five hours) and a met up with Ann and Mike at the site.

Our camp was very neat and organised with two gazebo's pitched side by side.

On the Saturday Virginia, Ann and Mike went for a bush walk on which they got attacked by leeches. I stayed behind, drank cups of tea, listened to Mahler, twizzled  the fringe of a scarf and watched a Kookaburra. Very pleasant!

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